Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Creativity Check...

Thank goodness, my husband reads the journaling I add to my scrapbook layouts. As I was scrappin' our recent trip to New England, I mistakenly wrote and embossed that the Mayflower arrived in 1788. Being that I was a poor history student in school, the dates were irrelevant to me. After he realized my mistake and I knew the layout needed to be corrected, I was still perplexed to the reason that I chose that date. I went back to my resources and could not find anything about 1788. Then I remembered the purchased, pre-made tag I used on the layout had the date 1788 written on it. After doing a Google search, I discovered that in 1788 Massachusetts was admitted as one of the original 13 colonies. Whew! What a relief! With a few minor adjustments to my journaling, the layout with the embossing and pretty tag was saved. Here are a few of the layouts that are in our travel scrapbook.

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