Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dry Embossing Tutorial

Want to learn how to dry emboss? Then follow my tutorial, if you have never tried this technique. But, let me warn you, it is very addictive. The supplies that you need are a stencil (brass/plastic), an embosser pen/stylus, wax paper, paper (preferably with a white core), light sand paper or sanding item and a light source (light box/brightly lit window).

Turn the light box on, place the stencil on top of it and lay the paper face down on top of the images you want to emboss.

Rub the wax paper over the cardstock and it will help the stylus tool move more freely thru the stencil.

Using your stylus, start tracing the images from the stencil onto the paper. The light box will help you see thru the paper and view the images. I like to trace several images at one time, since my supplies are already out.

Once you are done tracing, turn the paper over and lightly sand around the embossed , raised edges. If you are using a white core paper, it should not take much sanding before the core color shows. If you did not use a white core paper, sponge the embossed edges with white ink. You can sponge brown ink onto images embossed over lighter colored papers

Now, you can start the paper piecing process. Trim the different parts of the images, around the outside of the embossed area. Assemble them together and adhere. This image is a spool of thread.

As I previously mentioned, this is addictive, so one image wouldn't do. So, I created several spools of thread.
I decided to add fibers around my spools, to make them look more real. I added some patterned papers, a Cuddlebug background, sentiment and paper-piercing (faux sewing) to complete the card.
And, just so you can see how addictive this can be, here is another card I created at the same time.


Bettina said...

I had never thought to sand the top side of embossing. What a great idea! Love the spools of thread.

foodpartyfun said...


Awesome blog candy. I have just recently started embossing and the templates are great! Thanks for offering a chance to win then along with some great ideas.