Tuesday, May 22, 2007

RAK card received!

This is a pretty RAK card that I received in the process of moving. It was created by Simone Collins, AKA "spazzgirl" on SplitCoast Stampers. Here is more of her artwork. The stem on the flower is precious and says "just for you". It's just what I needed as I was packing up my craft room.

I don't know what your least favorite chore is, but mine is moving and packing. So, let me get some laughs from hearing about your least favorite chore. Who knows? Someone may get RAK'd from making me laugh the most!


Angel W said...

My least favorite chore would have to be cleaning closets. I like a clean house, but don't often take the time to make my closets equally as presentable. Those stores can shut after all!!!! And aren't we crafters the worst pack rats????

dd2njoy said...

Hi there, my least fav. chore is to clean the camper before camping season begins which was 2 weeks ago. I'm terrified of mice,even though they're so tiny...so I remove one thing at a time just watching so that one of those little creatures jumps at me. I didn't find any this year but have in the past. I had to call my BIL to come and do something with it until my husband got home. The darn mouse never came back out when my BIL got there. I probably scared it away when I was screaming!!!!!

Amy said...

That is a cute card. I'm glad you posted it. I have that stamp but haven't inked it up. I like the way she colored it.

Have a great week getting clean!

SpAzzGiRL said...

You are so welcome for the card, couldn't even remember what I made...LOL
Packing and moving are my least favorite things too!! And I will be doing it shortly as well.

foodpartyfun said...

My least favorite chore to do around the house has to be cleaning the bathrooms. When you live in a house with 4 males, you know what I mean. Why is it they seem to hit everywhere except the inside of the toilet? I can't stand a dirty bathroom, sooo... What's a girl to do??? Good luck with your move!


doverdi said...

Least favorite chore...moving and packing my scraproom. Back in Feb my brother started renovating my upstairs bathroom. Being that I live in a very small place this meant that if I wanted to do any stamping, I'd have to move my stuff down to the kitchen. Since he could only work on weekends (he works full time) it also meant that it would take longer than normal. Also he did plumbing, wiring, new walls, build ins, etc. Well, it took almost 2 months and now with the nice weather here he is taking the summer off. Don't forget now, I still have 2 more rooms plus the hall/stairway to do. Well, I just finished moving all my stamp stuff back upstairs so I can have my kitchen back and am still trying to fit it all in again. (I think my stuff multiplied in the kitchen). But this isn't the end of this story, I have to move everything back downstairs again in the fall or else no stamping/scrapping for 2 or 3 months. Now you see why I hate packing and moving.