Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Good news and time for a break..

I haven't posted in over a week and it is because of good news. I've found a new town home in Athens, Georgia and will be moving there in the middle of February. I'm sure you are familiar with the many details that are involved with a move. Unfortunately, it has left me with little time to stamp and share with you. So, I'll be taking a break till the beginning of March to get settled and resume my creating efforts. Please hang in there with me and I hope to have lots of goodies to share with you later.

Stay warm!



Debi said...

Congrats on your new home, Leslie! I'll look forward to your return in March... until then, we'll miss you!

Angel W said...

Hey, I live in GA! For a few more months anyway. I hope your move goes well and that everything gets to it's final destination without getting broke!

Maria said...

Congratulations Leslie on your new home! Moving can be such a pain but it's fun at the same time. Hope your move turns out smoothly!


Stephanie Earls said...

Oh no, I will miss your blog and I just tagged you! Happy moving!

Anonymous said...

How exciting moving. Congradulations! Just wanted to comment here and see if you wanted to continue with the Bloggers RAK Club at SCS. Would you please PM me there with the id Crafty Turtle. I'll give you all the updated info for the club. Somehow I can't get your SCS id to connect "brodonbaby" is what they gave me. I'm the new admin for the club. I don't expect you to pm me right away, just sometime before the end of March would be good. Thanks, Deb A.