Monday, September 14, 2009

Operation Write Home

The month of September is very special to me as I celebrate Labor Day and remember the terrorist bombings. I recall our soldiers and the terrific sacrifices they make to serve and protect our company. That’s why this month I’m volunteering hours to make cards for our soldiers. Ironically, Cards for Heroes. org is also celebrating this month with a new name and website, Operation Write Home. You’ll notice above the stack of cards I’ve been working on to mail. This is a great cause and will only take a little time. I strongly urge you to check out the website and consider sending them a donation of handmade cards, stamps, envelopes or money. And, if you are making cards, be sure to follow the listed requirements. Some of the “bling” we like to use on our creations can actually harm the soldiers, so please read before sending your cards. Now get busy and participate with us today!

Take care-

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Operation Write Home said...

Such pretty cards, Leslie!! :)