Thursday, August 28, 2008


It's time to give away the BLOG CANDY and it goes to:
"Hi! I am an RN too but at the start of my career (grad. in 2004) That is so brave of you to return!! It is great for us new ones to have such great mentors around! Hope the transition to work is great! Thanks for the blog candy offering. I am currently working on my son's scrapbook. It is a challenge because I got more into card making and left the scrap booking in the last few years. But it is rewarding! and it will hopefully be a great keepsake for my son!"
So, Tracy, please sent me your snail mail address, so I can get the CANDY to you. Thanks to everyone for the comments and participation!



Tracy said...

YAY!! thank you so much! I will send my address to your email address listed on the blog. My email if you don't get it is (I posted this message previously but for some reason I don't think it got through!) Thank you so much! I am SO excited!!!

Wanda. said...

You have received an award. Please view my blog for details.