Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stamps for Sale!! UPDATE

I am going to be updating this list till the stamps are sold to avoid extra e-mails. Thanks for your patience!

Payment is to be made by PayPal or money order/cashier's check. My PayPal address is: Please check with me before sending payment to verify the stamp set is still available. USA Priority shipping for 1 set=$5, 2 sets=$8. Canada Priority shipping for 1 set=$11, 2 sets=$14. International shipping for 1 set=$13, 2 sets=$17. If you need additional shipping information, go to If you need to see a picture of the stamp set, I recommend doing a Google search as it would take days for me to post pictures.

Birthday Whimsy-unmounted-2 sets-$8 each SOLD
Off the Chart-$10 PENDING
Check it Out-$11 PENDING
Stipple Celebrations-$18 SOLD
Little Layers II-$11 PENDING
Quick Cards-$10 PENDING
So Many Scallops-unmounted-$8
God's Blessings-mounted, but never used-$20 SOLD
Best Bar Codes-$9 PENDING
A Little Bit of Happiness-$8 SOLD
Pattern of Friendship-$10
Christmas Carolers-$10
Holiday Woodcuts-$12
It's A Date-$9
Good Things-from a Simply Sent Set-$8
Send a Celebration-$8
Reason to Smile-$8
Delight in Life-$8
Polka Dot & Paisley-$11
Time Well Spent-mounted, but never used-$13 SOLD
Big Blossom-$8
Big Blooms-mounted, but never used-$19 PENDING
Fun with Shapes-$25
A Greeting for all Reasons-$18 PENDING
Big Pieces-$19 PENDING


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