Friday, October 17, 2008

I have a new love...

I have a new love...beading. Several years ago, I tried doing this on my own while not have the correct tools or instructions and did not enjoy it. A month ago, my best friend walked in wearing a beautiful necklace, bracelet and matching ear rings. Of course, she had made them herself and I was smitten. This time I decided to take a class, obtain the correct tools and read the basics to get started. It is definitely a more enjoyable hobby now. I have been planning and packing projects to work with while recuperating from my knee surgery.

The picture (sorry it's blurred) shows 2 pendants from a class at Side Street Beads in Watkinsville. I had seen the flower shaped beads, but did not know how to design with them. Kenneth, our instructor, showed us how to stitch seed beads into the flower beads and sew/shape into a pendant. Being a vintage lover, I will definitely be making more of these for myself and gifts. The pendant can be hung on ribbon or combined with other beads to make a necklace. Be sure to visit the website of Side Street Beads and see their gallery of beautiful work.
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how very pretty and please continue to share as my a woman of many talents, great job.