Friday, October 31, 2008

A look at my new love--

As previously mentioned, I have a new love, the hobby of beading. This is one of the sets that I've made, using the gemstone, Sodalite. The stone appealed to me due to the many hues of blue, grey and white in it. Silver accents were added with beads, bead covers and the outer surface of the pendant. This necklace is approximatley 19 inches long. I added toggle clasps to both pieces as they are easier for me to use. I'm still working on the ear rings and will share them later. The gemstones can be found in Athens, GA at The Native America Gallery. The accent pieces were found at Michael's and Hobby Lobby.
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Cheryl said...

Beautiful Leslie. How did you learn to bead? I am kinda interested in it but can find no instructions that I can understand. I am a complete beginner and don't even know the terms. I got into soldering and would love to make one of my creations into a necklace but no clue how. Anyhow, keep up the great work and anxious to see the earrings when you complete them.

Rhonda Kelly said...

Fabulous! I really love this. I have tried several times to get into beading but with no luck. Are you planning to sell some of your creations? Thanks for sharing, you did a wonderful job.

Leslie D. Hall said...

Hey Leslie. This necklace is beautiful. You know we share the love of blue & white. Thinking of you & wishing you a wonderful Christmas.... Leslie D. Hall