Monday, April 23, 2007

Wish I had thought of this idea..

Have you heard of digital photo frames? A friend recently shared the idea of using a digital picture frame to view pictures of her growing grandchildren and share them with visitors. It's a unique concept, as you take a memory card from your digital camera, insert it into the digital frame and watch a slide show of your pictures. Remember the people that couldn't attend the wedding or the birthday party? Supply them with the digital frame and they can feel as if they were part of the big event. I think this would be a great gift idea, especially for someone that may live away from you and not want to miss the memories. And, keep one for yourself, as I'm sure you'll enjoy watching the pictures of a special day, too. You can get one of the digital photo frames here and view the different sizes and prices, too. Let me know if you get one and what your thoughts are about this concept. Like I said earlier, wish I had thought of this idea!


Anonymous said...

I heard of these a while ago but they were sooooo expensive at the time. I wonder if the price has gone down...I should check since you posted a link and everything!

Bettina said...

My husband got me one for a birthday gift last year. We took it with us to Europe when we went to visit our cousins. When we took pictures of the kids having fun together, at night during dinner we would view the slideshow on the picture frame. It was a great way to see all the fun everyone had. Everyone loved the picture frame idea.