Saturday, October 27, 2007

Polka Dot Posies Pocket Card

Are you tired of the Pocket Cards yet? I promise this will be my last one to post for awhile. These cards are convenient to have available and easy to make. Fill the pockets with gift certificates, money, tea bags, seed packets or notes of encouragement and you have a completed gift. I used patterned paper from Scenic Route and cardstock from Stampin' Up! The inks and stamp set, Polka Dot Posies, are also from Stampin' Up! The coordinating button is from Doodlebug and the ribbons were in my stash.
I know some people were having trouble with directions posted from other sources, so I'll try to explain my technique. You'll need to have a piece of double-sided patterned paper to make this card and lay the front of the paper face down. The 8 1/2 inch side of the paper should be at the top. Fold the paper in half vertically and then horizontally. Unfold it and look at the 4 sections. The top left side section will be "A" and the top right side section will be "B". The lower left side section will be "C" and the lower right side section will be "D". Have I lost you yet? Now cut on the fold line between B and D to the center of the paper. Fold the corner of section D 1/2 up, to form a small triangle. Fold the corner of section A downward to the center, making a large triangle. Fold Section D to Section C, then Section C upwards to Section A. Fold Section B behind all the folds and you'll have your card made. You can secure the folds with a brad or staple. Embellish and add to the pockets as desired. I hope this helps you. Thanks for visiting my site!

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dd2njoy said...

I love those pocket cards,how do you make this one, i'm a visualist,i have to see step by step. Love the diff. pockets you have on there, and where did you get that friend stamp,it's cool!!
Diane Lapointe